Are you Moving out?

Moving a house requires time to prepare your home for an end of tenancy cleaning.

The tenant is responsible for the cleaning, but hiring a cleaning company might be a better choice. Schedule the clean when the inventory comes, so the property will be in impeccable state.

The clean may be done by yourself while moving the staff away or to hire a professional end of tenancy company. The best way to choose a cleaning company is through a recommendation. In case you have no one to advise you on this service, Google can give a really great choice when looking for an end of tenancy cleaning service. Simply type “End of tenancy cleaning” and your location, and you will be surprized by the number of companies offering this type of cleaning service. Then, based on the price, customer’s reviews and the quote, the best service must be chosen. The next step is to arrange a suitable time and day for the end of tenancy cleaning to be performed. And finally, have the service at your place.

Another important thing to be considered, is to make sure you have in mind your estate agent’s requirements when you are about to move out the property. Also, make sure you check whether the carpets, bed matresses and soft furniture need to be professionally cleaned and disinfected prior moving. If this is the case, then request a quote for this from your chosen end of tenancy company. Since this is another service, additional charge will be added to the standard end of tenancy cleaning service fee. The carpet cleaning is usually done by another professional using a special machinery and professionally equipped for performing the service.

There will be usually a team of other cleaning professionals doing the end of tenancy cleaning. A starting time of the clean must be set, therefore, the property needs to be emptied of all personal belonging prior to their arrival. This is a very important rule when these specific clean takes place, since it allows the cleaners to do their job without any interruptions. If a property is left neglected or full of personal belongings, this might reflect on the price of the service or the cleaning being cancelled as a worse scenario.

During the clean, the tenant does not need to be present, as the professional end of tenancy clean requires all the furniture to be moved and properly cleaned, all the windows to be cleaned from inside only, and moving all over the place throughout the clean. Hence, going back to the property after the cleaning has been done, is the best option when hiring a professional company to perform the service.

In order to reclaim your tenancy deposit back from the landlord/ estate agency, the inventory check must confirm that a satisfactory cleaning of the property has been done. End of Tenancy Cleaning London is not an easy job to do by yourself, and it might be worthwhile to hire the services of professional companies such as Citi Clean London.

Furthermore, the state of the property also needs to be considered taking before and after photos. This is the best way to avoid any misunderstandings between the occupant and the landlord.