Healthy Eating For Children – Preventing Obesity in Children

Frozen and prepackaged foods have become the norm for many families. Kids love the taste and it is so easy to prepare. The trouble is these types of foods are loaded with chemicals. The chemicals are what give it such great flavor. But, chemicals are not food and they are not good for you. These types of food encourage unhealthy lives and weight gain. It is important to cook from scratch.

Below I list several things that you can do to build healthier, slimmer lives for you and your children.

  • Take things a step at a time. Do not change everything overnight. It will be too overwhelming for your child and you.
  • Whenever cooking from scratch, double or triple the servings. Freeze the extra for future meals. It does not take that much extra time to double/triple it and it saves a ton of time later. When you know you have something in the freezer already prepared that you can heat or cook, it helps avoid the temptation to stop by a fast food chain.
  • Get your children involved in choosing meals and snacks and let them help make them. A good book of healthy, tasty recipes is Real Food for Healthy Kids.
  • Set the example. Do not expect your children to change if you are not changing.
  • Soda in any form is bad for you. It is either loaded with sugar or sweetened with chemically altered substances. Slowly start replacing it with filtered water.
  • Try to eliminate sugar as much as possible. Use fruit to replace the sweet cravings.
  • Allow less TV and computer. It really affects their growing brain in a negative way when used in excess.
  • They should be playing/exercising outside in the fresh air and sunshine. You need to be outside also. Get some form of exercise with them. It can be a great stress reliever.
  • Breads and pastas should be kept to a minimum. That can really pack the weight on for many. Quinoa and millet, cooked like rice can provide a tasty grain with your meal.
  • In the last several generations, we have seen a decline in quality foods, home cooked meals, getting enough fresh air and sunshine. It is time to take back control of our lives. Our children and their subsequent generations depend on it.

While the information above is a great start, there are many more things you can do to help your children. I will write more in future articles.